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Southern Junior Bull Riders Association of Arizona - The Premier Jr. Bull Riding Association in Southern Arizona
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Wishing our entire SJBRA family a

happy and peaceful Easter!



As a reminder and has been in the handbook since our first season, payouts are ONLY made on covered rides.  Money not paid out is added to the SJBRA Finals pot at the end of the season. 


A HUGE thanks to Double K Diamond Photography for their photos and they will be uploaded to the website along with a movie.


All memberships must have been paid in full March 1 in order to keep any points earned. 


We accept credit cards for membership and sponsor payments!






 We thank our sponsors and Doug Torres once again for the purchase of the buckles!





Make sure to visit us on Facebook at Southern Junior Bull Riders of Arizona  for more updated information and pictures and search Youtube "SJBRA" for tons of videos!


Call/email-ins are always the Monday prior to the event from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.  Your call, text, email or Facebook message MUST be received between these hours in order to receive your point. 


The SJBRA is a NON-profit association. 

Our books are completely open to any and all members.  If you would like to review our books, please feel free to talk with any Board Member.

We pay for stock contractors, judges, arenas, medics (unless they volunteer their time) porta-potties when necessary and insurance.  Every one else is a volunteer including Board Members, arena crew, entrance gate help, 50/50 raffle sales person and announcer.

  All fundraising money, gate fees and 50/50 raffle goes directly back into the association to pay for the above and member/rider prizes.


If you would like to volunteer, PLEASE let us know!! We can always use folks at the gate, selling 50/50 raffle tickets and sponsors!!   We will give you more "shout outs" than you thought possible on the website, Facebook, Twitter and at the events!



  The SJBRA books are open and available to any member and their families! 

Please contact Doug Torres or Dawn McVicker if you would like to see the financials of the SJBRA.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any Board Member or email us!


All fees are NON-refundable.


The SJBRA is the proud home of several top 10 finishers in the National Jr. Bull Riding Finals 2011 and the Youth World Jr. Bull Riding Finals, including Reserve National Calf Riding Champion Jake Dunham, Reserve National Pee Wee Bull Riding Champion Beau McVicker and Reserve National  Jr. Bull Riding Champion Brandon McCassie.    







If you are entering a child other than your own in an SJBRA Rodeo, and/or you are under the age of 18 and your parent is NOT

at an SJBRA Rodeo, you MUST bring a


The paper MUST be signed with the PARENT'S OR LEGAL GUARDIAN'S signature and a working phone number. 

The paper must be with whomever is bringing the rider to the event and given to the secretary.  This does NOT apply to parents who are with their child at an SJBRA event. 

The SJBRA waiver can be printed from the "Forms" page. 

Thank you!   

  Our rodeos have not been possible without the amazing help and support of our OUTSTANDING sponsors! 



Visit S.J.B.R.A. on Facebook!  


Search: Southern Junior Bull Riders Association 







Humps and Horns Bullriding Magazine


*No part of the SJBRA Website may be copied and/or reproduced and/or utilized in any form without prior written consent from the SJBRA Board of Directors*